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    Hello -
    Got a 650 w/ Verizon Wireless ... had the Motorola IHF1000 installed and it pairs and incoming calls work GREAT... but when placing outgoing calls, the motorola unit says 'Call ended' directly when the Treo's screen dims (about 5 seconds after hitting the green dial button). The Treo is still in bluetooth mode so i have to manually shut it off by pressing the button on the Treo and the caller is still there...

    I'm wondering - is there a car kit that works with the 650 from Verizon? Does someone have this set up and working correctly? I was told to download the Updater (which was a royal pain in the ****) but that didn't resolve the issue. Any suggestions out there? I really appreciate it.
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    Holy shmoly! Maybe the hard work last night of uploading the Updated actually worked... I was able to make 3 outgoing calls this morning and received 2 incoming calls perfectly! Thank you God!

    I may be a freak thing ... so I'll let everyone know later today and tomorrow whether it continues to work.

    One thing I noticed when I get into the car, the Motorola says "Phone 1 ready" ... this wasn't happening yesterday, I don't believe... so the pairing is automatic now ... maybe the bluetooth patches in the Upgrader worked... only time will tell... but I'm happy for now.

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