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    is your 700p a toy or a tool for you? Personally I'd currently consider mine a "toy". But, I have no doubt that once I'm out of college and further into my career it will become a valuable tool.
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    It's my one-stop convergence tool...
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    A toy? Yeah, I have a few games. A tool? YES BY ALL MEANS! Ben
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    I get online everywhere, it's my social MMORPG.
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    I don't think I could manage my job (or my life) half as well without it. I suppose I could manage with a separate cell phone and BT enabled Palm organizer, but that wouldn't be nearly as efficient, I don't think.
    Bob Meyer
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    Like meyerweb, I couldn't get by without it. It always keeps me ontime and helps me manage my life and job better then anything else I could imagine.
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    could not get by without it, for a while had to carry cell phone, ipod, pda and all the chargers, now while travelling my treo 600 can do all those and more, I wish it was faster and other things but it has been rock solid, now about that 680?
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    I found the 650 to be a major improvement over the 600, just for the keyboard and screen. The 680, with more memory, too, should be a no-brainer upgrade from a 600. Probably not worth it to upgrade from a 650, unless memory is a major constraint. (IMHO)
    Bob Meyer
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    The Treo 650 is a tool during work hours and a toy during off hours. It is more of a tool for me because I am on call 24/7 but I consider it both.
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    Chris Luce
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    You missed the Both option..
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    Definately a tool that never leaves my side. But sometimes it is a toy. :shades:
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    First and foremost, a necessary and highly functional tool that helps me work efficiently and effectively. But, since I have it anyway, definitely also use it as a toy for me and especially my kids.
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    Toy. I do use it for work, but a paper calendar and a free phone would actually work just as well. But it helps my ADD by being able to get my personal email, play games, look at pics, IM friends, look at pics and movies, surf the web, when I am not in the office. I even have massive work-related databases that no one else has that impresses people, but I rarely actually use them.
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    I use HanDBase through the day - keeps track of what I do, when, vehicle maintenance, et cetera. Ben
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    Definitely a tool, but with great side benefits, i.e., mobiltv, games, etc. I would be "lost" without it. I have been able to research cases while sitting in court, access jail records and other public documents as well as email clients during what would otherwise be "down" time.

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