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    My Phone seems to freeze sometimes and it seem to coincide with a voicemail notifaction and chime. I just give it a manual soft reset and its fine. Any ideas?
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    I'm researching the same issue but I'm on Cingular. My "freeze" coincides with most any alert I receive. Right now, I'm leaning towards an application conflict as it just recently started happening.

    I've started using Xpress mail (that's the app that's generating the majority of the alerts), Profiles 1.01, and Zlauncher. I'm not inditing any of these programs as the culprit, just listing the obviously new apps on my 650.

    The "freeze" usually thaws after about 30 seconds. Popping the SD card in and out sometimes hurries the process along. It's only the rare occasion that I actually have to reset.
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    I had a similar problem. I fixed it.

    When my phone would connec to Tmobile, it would alert me that I have a new voicemail. It would then try to play a sound. It would then soft reset and the process would repeat.

    To fix this I just disabled any audio or vibrate alert for when I have new voicemail. There's an indicator that appears on the default phone screen when you have new voicemail anyway. Use that to see if you have new voicemail.

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