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    How do you go about enabling 5-way nav on apps that does not support it. I tried SharkNav, but got 'incompatable device' MSG.

    I'm very much interested in getting SmartListToGo from DataViz. The only problem is 5-way navigation on the form is not supported which is very disappointing.

    - Does anyone know of another product/workaround/solution?
    - Does anyone know if the author of SharNav has any intentions to support 700p?
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    Comments, ideas, suggestions, alternatives, fixes, workarounds, anything?
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    I emailed the SharkNav developer about updating it, to which I received a big fat silence. I use EzRocker which is actually a mouse pointer controlled by the 5-way. It doesn't specifically answer your question, but it works great until a true 5-way workaround becomes available.

    There are also two hacks called ArrowEm and 5WayEm (which require use of the YAHM hack manager - which I use anyway), but I haven't found them to work in many apps.
    ArrowEm and 5WayEm

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