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    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their 650 -

    I have been using my Treo and after a soft reset, the SD Card that is still in the slot is no longer picked up by the system. ZLauncher does not see it, the default launcher will not see it. When I take the card out, it beeps with the unload sound. Inserting the card back in does not get the loading sound or check the card out as it does normally when inserting an SD card.

    I was able to repair the problem with a Hard reset, but that is a bit drastic each time it happens. All I can say thank the Treo Gods that RescoBackup was there.

    I am wondering if the system pref database is getting corrupted. This only really started when I installed Nokia Intellisync software for work email on my Treo.

    My Treo has a custom ROM set to 7.1MB ROM partition size, is an Unlocked model for use in Australia. The intellisync software drains the battery something chronic.
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    Mine does that every once in awhile. Usually if I let it go to standby on it's own. It will recognize then recognize the card. I can't just hit the power button and have it do it, the phone has to do it on it's own.

    Works 9/10 times

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