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    This is a significant update to say the least, including Outlook 2007 compatibility/support:

    What's new in version 4.2

    New Features

    Today View slots now fully collapsible and reorganizible via drag & drop
    New 5-day Week View Grid Mode, and related preferences to set its start day
    Multi-Function Panel now independent of filters in primary view
    Added Google Earth to the mapping providers
    New "Smart Lookup" functionality in Attendee dialog
    Complete reorganization and optimization of the preferences screens
    New per view specific options similar to the one in Agendus for Palm
    Week LIst Views: Added ability to go to Day View by double-clicking on day header in Week List views
    Added popup in Due Date field like is possible in Palm Desktop in list views
    Column positions in all list views are now customizable via drag & drop
    Made Category boxes optional, while restoring the option to go back to use background colors instead
    Improved Contact Quick Lookup functionality to search for substring anywhere in first/last/company name, rather than only at start
    New ABC button style filters to memo list view, similar to what already present in the contact list view
    Introduced ability to see phone fields for contacts in the Multifunction Panel when contacts are shown
    Introduced ability to View Attendees on meetings via right-click menu
    Added Progress dialog for Agendus Extras conduit
    Introduced ability to Hide/Show "indicators" in Month View (i.e., Repeat, Rollover, etc.)
    Introduced support for Outlook 2007 [Outlook Edition]
    Added Power Search features similar to what present in in Agendus Palm [Palm Desktop Edition]


    Restored Month navigating arrows
    Changed 'Search' to Power Search Local
    Added ability to tab out and place focus on the contact list so user can use keyboard arrows to scroll
    Corrected failure to show all new items in Outlook if more than one created consecutively in AGW block view
    Changed text of time indicator to when draging an item to Unitmed Area
    Corrected failure of contact phone number to be selected and saved in edit mode for New Calls
    Corrected repeating tasks showing as "Redo" property in native Palm tasks after sync
    Corrected contact name disappearing in new memo dialog with certain steps
    Corrected Task Matrix selection not remaining selected when using Outlook dialogs
    Corrected failure to properly display meetings moved via drag 'n drop in block views
    Corrected inability to create a New Item by simply starting to type
    Corrected Multi-day meetings not displaying correctly in Week Block views
    Made it impossible to change categories for Calls as this was causing data corruption
    Changed behavior in grouped Contacts to not show Contact Group if no contact exists for a particular group
    Removed 'LOC:....' string from Outlook notes if Location deleted from Outlook dialog location field to prevent possible stability issues
    Corrected unexpected alarm firing when adding an icon to an even via Outlook dialogs
    Corrected inability to create a new call after changing Language
    Corrected failure for Log entry to sync to contact on handheld when using "Log to Contact" on completed Tasks
    Addressed problem with "Log" menu not available in right-click list in Today and Calendar List Views
    Corrected problem with Right->Click->Log opening the Contact History dialog in Today View
    Increased the depth of task hierarchy to support 10 levels
    Corrected error when attempting to access Agendus Help file in some localized versions
    Addressed various translation inconsistencies on tabs and labels throughout the application
    Corrected stability issue in Outlook when using Task Hierarchy View [Outlook Edition]
    Correted failure to open address.dat file under in some circumstances [Palm Desktop Edition]
    Corrected stability issue when using Schedule Followup on Memos [Palm Desktop Edition]
    Corrected failure for Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T not creating New Task in some instances [Palm Desktop Edition]
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    Just updated my Agendus Desktop and it completely crapped all my categories.
    I'm pretty sure it was the cause. Everything under contact, Memos, to-do's are all in one category now.

    Also, an important feature needed with Agendus for Palm is in the Memo section. The only reason I use Wordsmith is because when using the universal search , it finds the specific word in WordSmith and highlights it/ goes right to it.
    Since I use Memos often, this is a life saver. Not sure why Agendus didn't add this feature yet,
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    Are you using Agendus for Windows Palm Desktop (AGWPD) or Outlook (AGWOE)? Are your categories still correct on your Treo? If so, do a "handheld overwrites desktop" hotsync and it should restore your categories to the desktop.

    BTW, Agendus has nothing to do with syncing categories. They are handled/managed by the hotsync conduit (Palm). If you're using AGWOE, there are better 3rd party hotsync conduits than the Palm ones that come on the Treo installation CD. Chapura's PocketMirror is my choice.

    If after merely installing the upgrade your categories were messed up prior to a hotsync, then yes, Agendus could be to blame. But the reverse, one-way hotsync should remedy it.
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    There has been a report by one of our forum iFTM members like "Wilsonb"s, categories completely messed up. This is very strange as this update is working great for me with no issues, categories are behaving beautifully. I'm sure iambic developers will investigate for the cause of this bizzare category behavior for some, but not all customers.
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    iambic has released version 4.21 correcting this!

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