I just tried to do a Bluetooth hotsync on my 650 (which I've done many times previously, though more often I do a cable sync) and discovered that all of my network hotsync options are gone. I still have a "Bluetooth to PC" connection, and I have a network service created using the Bluetooth to PC connection. However, I have no network sync options in the Hotsync app (5.4.0), only "Conduit Setup" and "Connection Setup". If I click on "Modem" the only connections available are "Virtual Modem" and "Standard Modem".

I don't think I've synced via Bluetooth since creating a custom ROM, so it's slightly possible I left out a module, but the only modules obviously related to hotsync (i.e. Hs* and Ho*) which aren't there are the non-en languages.

Bluetooth works fine, as I can do DUN from my PC through my Treo to go online. It's only the network hotsync which has disappeared.

Any ideas?