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    It seems like after 30 mins of inactivity the evdo connection is lost even when the phone is on the charger with full signal including evdo coverage. I find that just about every time I go to use the internet or mail it has to connect to power vision.... Is something wrong? I remember my fist few days with the phone nothing like this happened and I would receive email notifications, now the only way I get emails is if I manually go in and say get emails.. Just a tad more if this helps I dont think its an evdo problem since I stream about 2 hours of xm mini each night on my phone and never get an interruption, I also have under preferences connect to data network whenever phone is on.
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    Nothing wrong, that's the way they all work. I suspect it's because the phone companies don't want the connections tying up resources when they're not being used.

    I suspect the reason you didn't notice it the first few days is because in the excitement of using a new phone you accessed the data connection a lot more frequently.
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