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    On my 600 I could launch 5 apps with one press from the default phone screen (or 3 apps plus call log and favorites).

    On my 700p I can only launch 1 (contacts with a button press). "Down" and "Right" browse favorites. "Up" and "Left" do nothing, or they go to the vm indicator if present, something totally unnecessary since "Down" by default highlights voicemail in favorites.

    Is there any way to restore that Treo 600 functionality of being able to launch one or more apps with a simple Left/Right/Up/Down from the 5-way nav?

    Any button mapping programs that are sophisticated enough to handle this?
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    on the phone screen, you can setup up to 5 pages of shortcuts with 14 shortcuts on each page. just push down on the phone screen and you get the rest of the first page. you can press Menu\Edit Favorites Pages to customize the shortcuts. I think this is what you are looking for.
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    oops. sorry, i had to re-read your post. i now remember the directional shortcuts from the 5-way with the 600. There is nothing built into the phone that allows for this functionality.
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    I've never had a chance to play with 600 so I don't know if it is close enough to what you wanna do, but this program can map softwares to 5-way key long press.


    It's free and I find this very useful.

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