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    Hi Treo-ites:

    I am on my 3rd bluetooth keyboard for my 650. I've tried both ThinkOutside's Stowaway and Sierra and the Freedom BT keyboard.. as well as Palm's IR keyboard..

    They have all suffered from the same problem: this "sleepy keyboard lag" that tends to frequently eliminate the first letter of words and/or sentences. It's pretty much a deal-breaker.

    But since I seem to be having this problem with a variety of Bluetooth keyboards, I'm wondering if this is a 650 problem of some sort.

    Can anybody shed any light? It's driving me crazy. I want to use a B/T keyboard, but my results so far are just unacceptable.

    Are there maybe some software or firmware updates that I'm missing? I'm kind of new to the Treo world and I'm not always sure how to stay abreast of OS updates for the Treo... I appear to be running Palm OS Garnet v.5.4.8. I thought at some point that I had installed some sort of keyboard update, but I'm not seeing it in the "info" window on my Treo.

    thanks for any insight,

    Mick Jeffries
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    You definitely want your Palm's environment to be "lightweight" if you use an external keyboard. You can diagnose some of these problems using the PalmInternals software:
    I used PalmInternals to find incompatabilities between my Thinkoutside Stowaway and SmartCell's TextPlus. It turns out that I have to disable the "TextPlus anywhere" setting to be able to use the keyboard without dropping characters.

    Also see:
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    thanks, jae!

    very appreciated..

    Mick Jeffries
    Graphic Designer == Writer == Presentation Specialist
    v:8595391877 = f:5166655756 =
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    I installed and have run Palminternals a few times. Can't say I'm techie enough to know exactly what it's saying, but there seem to be a majority of references to Ringo and to Keyboard, so i wonder if those things are unfriendly.

    Anybody know anything about decoding the info provided by Palminternals?


    Mick Jeffries
    Graphic Designer == Writer == Presentation Specialist
    v:8595391877 = f:5166655756 =
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    Look here:

    (found by searching this forum for 'PalmInternals' and then following a few links)

    The bottom line is that you want to look at (and minimize, if practical) the PalmInternals entries listed under the 'hede' exhange.

    HTH ...
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    Howdy again:

    This is the results of hitting "Notif." in Palminternals... I've looked at the links that you so kindly scared up, and, well, barely understand. ;-)

    I get that there's some significance to the "hede" entries, but I only see the one 'hede' reference to the 'keyboard' app (below)... but based on the journal entries that you included, I can't figure out if that's bad or good..

    So here's the complete copy-paste from Palminternals, for what it's worth... I only suspected Ringo because it tended to show up in this list, along with "Keyboard," but that may be totally coincidental? Heck, I dunno!!

    Also, I wasn't sure I should run Palminternals while my Bluetooth keyboard is active and discovered or just anytime with the ThinkOutside keyboard app installed...

    (begin snip from Palminternals "notif." button)

    count 218 of 220
    –––-pdb–––Protected database deletion
    •0 'Keyboard' pri -127
    •5 'usbhelper'
    •13 'Ringo'
    •24 'Ringo'
    –––ecna–––External connector attached
    •82 'Keyboard' pri -127
    –––ecnd–––External connector detached
    •84 'Keyboard' pri -127
    •95 'Keyboard' pri -127
    •96 'Keyboard' pri -127
    •97 'Keyboard' pri -127
    –––hots–––Hotsync started
    •103 'Keyboard' pri -127
    •117 'Ringo'
    –––lazy–––Late wakeup
    •124 'Keyboard' pri -127
    •153 'Ringo'
    –––scrd–––Display parameters changed
    •164 'Keyboard' pri -127
    •166 'PalmInternals'
    –––sync–––Hotsync finished
    •180 'Keyboard' pri -127
    •195 'Ringo'
    –––worm–––Early wakeup
    •214 'Keyboard' pri -127
    Mick Jeffries
    Graphic Designer == Writer == Presentation Specialist
    v:8595391877 = f:5166655756 =
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    Your output looks pretty clean to me, not that I claim to be an expert.

    Some more ideas:
    (1) From PalmInternals' "More" menu, how does your Treo perform on the Speed Test? My Sprint 650 runs it in 4380 ticks, or 44 seconds. If yours is much slower then that would be suspect.
    (2) How much free memory do you have (another complex subject)? I use Zlauncher, which reports 9670K free. I've found that I have to be compulsive about deleting Versamail messages and migrating photos to the SD card, to keep it in this healthy range. When free memory falls into the 4000K range, then performance suffers, and I can't imagine that use of my keyboard would work, although I haven't tried it.

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