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    Does anyone know a way to program the Side button (just under the volume rocker) as a microphone mute? (Or a third party app that will do this?) This would be very handy during phone calls.

    My friend's cheap LG phone has this feature, why shouldn't a premium smartphone?

    I called PalmOne tech support & they were no help. (I already know that you can assign the side button to launch an app. Thanks.)

    It'd be great to use your thumb to mute the mic during a phone call. This is quicker & more intuitive than taking the phone away from your ear & pressing a small virtual button on the touchscreen.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    That would be great -- I would be willing to chip in for it.
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    Phone Technician will let you use the M key to mute a call.
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    The M key is kind of hard to find in the middle of a call. If only there were a big button on the side that could be used for that function...

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