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    Check it out here:

    What's new in version 5.24

    Resolved stability issue if selecting Edit -> Copy if no text is selected
    Improved prompts encountered after editing Outbox items
    Corrected failure to save message to drafts when using the "Save Draft" menu
    Corrected loss of message if accidentally selecting Account Level when moving message
    Corrected inability to dismiss QuickOptions popup with Dpad
    Added "Send" option in tap-and-hold menu of Draft items
    Corrected redraw issue in Prefs -> Logging & Reporting
    Added "Delete" item in the tap/hold menu for SMSes in the Drafts folder
    Corrected poor display of menu items in Potuguese version
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    Yeah that's all well and good, but the ONE problem that made me steer away from it evidently was NOT fixed.... the SPEED issue. It would take literally 5-7 seconds to respond with EACH button press... imagine how long it took just to scroll through one email... And this occurred whether the mail was stored on the card or in RAM. And it has not been an issue with versa, chatter, or snapper.

    I have heard other people express concerns about this so know I am not the only one. Do we know if that issue was looked into?
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    With emails stored in RAM and not html, I do not experience any lag scrolling down the email page. If the email is html formatted, you can tap the "Globe" icon in Agendus Mail and read the email in Blazer, again very fast scrolling with no lag.

    I'm not going to berate the other email applications out there, but the integration and being able to convert emails to meetings, tasks, calls, contacts, with the appropriate data parsed into the correct fields is awesome. I will look into the attention that slowness is receiving and make sure the focus is proper. Thanks for sharing your experience, Doc!
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    A bug ticket is being worked to reduce sluggishness, especially when emails are stored on the card.
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    Cool! Look forward to it!

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