I have a question about web browsers for the treo 650. I have searched the many threads here in search of an alternative to blazer becuase it is painfully slow to me. I am currently using the trial of xiino and I really like it the best. However the problem I have is that there are some sites I can not access with xiino that require usernames and passwords. Some work fine, but some like yahoo mail and my banking websites will not work for me. It gives me a connection timed out message every time. So I need an alternative to xiino for sites like this.

I have tried opera mini and I really like it. I just can not get it to stop freezing or causing soft resets on my 650. I have tried all of the suggestions with changing around the settings but it still keeps happening. I think it has to do with the java because I also tried minuet and it gave me the same problems. So even though I like it, it is too frustrating for me to deal with it crashing my machine constantly. I want to try webpro and have tried downloading all of the options in this thread

However, every time after I launch the browser it just says requesting at the top and never loads the page, so I can not get it to work at all.

Does anyone have any suggestions on an alternative browser I can use. Or if someone can help me get the webpro working, I would like to try that because I like the interface of blazer, but it is just so slow for me. I am not just looking for freeware. I would be willing to pay for a good broswer that was useful. Thanks for any advice.