I got a Treo 650 and got it working with my Mac Entourage, and was getting my emails OK. This past week, the emails wouldn't appear on the screen - the messages say it is syncing with the server, and getting "x" number of messages, but when it finishes the messages aren't there in the Inbox and they aren't in any of the other folders.
I called support from my internet provider, phone provider and Palm, and was told to start over by re-booting the Palm. Well, now I've lost all my contacts and calendar items from Entourage and can't get them to sync to the Palm. I've gone through all the steps again - downloaded the Entourage upgrade and Installed the Handheld Sync Installer, deleted and set up my email addresses again...but still nothing works. I'm going crazy, I've spent 6 hours on this today and no one can help me...can someone on this site help????