Odeo (www.odeo.com) is sort of like youtube for podcasts. You can create a playlist of podcasts and stream the resulting playlist from their server via an m3u file.

I used to listen to podcasts this way with a Treo 650. You could point pTunes at the m3u file and it would stream the underlying mp3s to your device. Then I stopped listening to podcasts for a while.

Now I have a 700p and the latest version of pTunes Deluxe (3.1.8). When I try to access the same m3u file from odeo, I get "Invalid HTTP response". I suspect pTunes can't handle the "Location:" redirect to a different URL -- even though it's actually redirecting to the same URL. I suspect pTunes isn't sending the right "Host: odeo.com" header needed to retrieve the file on a virtual hosted apache server.

If I move the m3u to my own server, which is not virtual hosted, pTunes can fetch it and decodes the name of the first mp3 file to be played, but on trying to download the mp3 file it just gives a couple different errors, like "timeout" or "reconnecting" forever.

Has anyone gotten odeo to work? I think it'd be a neat solution to playing podcasts, particularly over EVDO, without having to sync like an ipod. But I can't tell if it's odeo or pTunes that's causing the problem.

For example, here's my playlist: http://odeo.com/profile/Tlau/queue.m3u