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    I have a question about web browsers. I have searched the many threads here in search of an alternative to blazer becuase it is painfully slow to me. I am currently using the trial of xiino and I really like it the best. However the problem I have is that there are some sites I can not access with xiino that require usernames and passwords. Some work fine, but some like yahoo mail and my banking websites will not work for me. It gives me a connection timed out message every time. So I need an alternative to xiino for sites like this.

    I have tried opera mini and I really like it. I just can not get it to stop freezing or causing soft resets on my 650. I have tried all of the suggestions with changing around the settings but it still keeps happening. I think it has to do with the java because I also tried minuet and it gave me the same problems. So even though I like it, it is too frustrating for me to deal with it crashing my machine constantly. I want to try webpro and have tried downloading all of the options in this thread

    However, every time after I launch the browser it just says requesting at the top and never loads the page, so I can not get it to work at all.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on an alternative browser I can use. Or if someone can help me get the webpro working, I would like to try that because I like the interface of blazer, but it is just so slow for me. I am not just looking for freeware. I would be willing to pay for a good broswer that was useful. Thanks for any advice.
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    Join the crowd! You've summed up my position exactly. I hope you/we find a viable solution.
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    I've found that Opera is totally reliable if you:

    1. Download and install it via Blazer. For whatever reason, if you hotsync the files in, you get lots of crashes.

    2. DECRESE the RAM settings for it in Java Preferences until it stabilizes. When I had lots of free ram 4MB was fine, but now that I've stuffed my treo with lots of things, 1MB yeilds a stable Opera.

    I was ready to chuck Opera until i did these things. Now it is my primary browser.

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    Any idea if your method works for Verizon? Opera's site claims they don't support verizon, though some folks say it works for them anyway...

    EDIT: I downloaded Opera to my desktop computer and installed it via HotSync, and again I got the freezes. So I took wernst's advice and downloaded Opera via Blazer, and it works perfectly! Way way way faster than Blazer, though I still prefer Blazer's user interface. I compared the versions of Opera downloaded from their website to my desktop, and that downloaded via Blazer. They are very similar in size but when you look at it with a hex editor you can see that they are slightly different. Maybe the Blazer download gives you the "correct" version but the download to desktop does not?

    EDIT #2: Duh. Of course Opera is going to be faster that Blazer. Opera uses a proxy server which means that you don't access a site directly, but rather through Opera's servers, and the server re-formats the page to optimize it for Opera before sending it to your phone. Blazer has to download the same page that you would download on your computer, unless the site you visit has pages specially formatted for mobile phones (WAP-enabled sites). Why didn't I notice that before?
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    Xiino works the same way as Opera - a proxy server reformats the content to be smaller, both in download size and for screen size.

    Opera has other "gotchas," such as there's no way to let it be the default browser for HTML or other online content, you can't make a quick-launch shortcut to it from the Phone screen, and it uses a ton of memory via Java.

    But that all said, Opera has really revolutionized the use of my Treo - I surf the web ALL THE TIME on it, whereas I hardly ever did when I just had Blazer at my disposal.

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
    Psion 3a -> Psion 3c -> Palm IIIXE -> Palm VIIx -> Kyocera 7135 -> Treo 650 -> Centro
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    Well I went and downloaded via blazer as was suggested. Everything worked great last night and I thought I had it all figured out. But today the freezes started again. This sucks because I really like the browser and would love to use it but I can't deal with having to pull the battery out to reset all the time
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    Yeah, same here, eventually Opera's freezes left me out in the cold. I wound up deleting it and the Java files, back to boring ol' Blazer. Like so many others out there, I'd rather have a good browser, even if it costs more than the typical Palm app, than to live with the free ones.
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    Can someone post a link to Opera that I can get to from Blazer?
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    since I started using google mobile.

    It can be used to find a PDA friendly site, or it converts existing sites to a PDA friendly format.
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    Does the mini support copy text, coz it doesn't do it on other phones, and is there a Opera mobile available for Treo, it has more features and can directly connect to the internet instead of via the proxy, which does not limit the access in case Opera is down.
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    My Opera worked like a champ until I installed google maps, and changed some global Java prefs. It started crashing all the time and I couldn't seem to find any combination of settings that would work. I just deleted my original install and downloaded & installed via blazer. It looks like I got a newer version and it's working fine now.
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    I installed, via Blazer, to my memory card and I can't get Opera to work. Should I reinstall to applications?
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    Operas pretty good except I can't put the underscore in. Is there any way to insert it?
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    I can't delete mail in yahoo via Opera either, but the work-a-round was to go to mail-beta in Yahoo, then Opera worked like a charm! I wished there was a good assortment of plug-ins for Opera.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xgh05tx View Post
    Operas pretty good except I can't put the underscore in. Is there any way to insert it?
    Pressing the "alt" key brings up the virtual keyboard. Press shift and the underscore is available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PruSucks View Post
    I installed, via Blazer, to my memory card and I can't get Opera to work. Should I reinstall to applications?
    Yes, Opera must be installed to internal memory, not a card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dollface View Post
    Yes, Opera must be installed to internal memory, not a card.

    i've had Opera working perfectly for several months with it installed on my card.
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    Looks like from the earlier posts on this thread, some have been able to get Opera working on a 650, others haven't (or at least not stable enough to really use it).

    In general, I'm looking a browser that does better than my version of Blazer when looking at "regular" (non-mobile/nonWap) websites. I'm willing to give Opera a try (either 3.1 or the 4 beta ) but wondered if you'd give me some advice.

    (1) I'm on Verizon. Is it hopeless to get Opera installed and working?

    (2) When I downloaded (via Blazer) the Opera 4 beta, installed it in Applications, and tried to run it, it won't run and tells me "Please ensure that IBM's WebSphere Micro Environment Java VM is installed."
    How do I get around this?
    I have no objections to installing this JVM environment on the 650 -- but does one even exist for the 650 and if so, where do I find it to install on mine?

    (3) Do I need to upgrade my phone's Rom? I've had my 650 for 2+ years and have never done so. Currently it says Software: Treo650-1.03-VZW (I'm assuming this is the Rom version but don't really know) when I do Phone > Options > Phone Info.

    (4) If opera is hopeless, are there any other options for another web browser or an upgrade of Blazer (currently my Blazer is palmone blazer v4.0).

    Thanks for any advice.
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    here is the IBM Java for the treo 650, download it from this Palm page. Personally, I would stick with one of the stable vers. of Opera, not the beta version. Good luck
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