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    I just got my 700p and im having some trouble with my email. I get email with attachments but i cant open them..when i try to open them, it gives me an error saying something about the file size couldnt be recognized or something like that. I have picture attachments and video attachments but i cant open any of them. Can anyone help me out?

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    If your using versamail, it may be that the message and/or attachment is truncated. Tap the icon in the bottom far right on the screen and get the rest of the message and/or attachment downloaded.
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    thanks for the reply....but its still not does say message is truncated and so i click on the little icon on the bottom right and it starts to download the attachment but then an error pops up. it says "invalid response getting message size" ... any ideas?
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    what if you're using yahoo mail or hotmail and you're trying to save or open an attachment. for some reason i have not been able to get either to work since i've had the phone. again, i'm using the web mail instead of the versamail.
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    I get the same thing when using gmail. When I forward to my sbc account, I get attachments correctly. Something with the server end, perhaps? I am using versamail as well.
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    I am just starting to explore 3rd party email programs. Do any of them support Hotmail attachments, i.e. someone sends you a picture? I downloaded Snappermail trial but they want pop3 server info. Now I am completely lost!
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    Hotmail is in a world of its own - GlimmerMail is the one for it -

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    I was looking at GlimmerMail but it doesn't say if it opens attachments. If it doesn't it defeats the purpose of me getting a 3rd party email program. : (

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