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    I've been experiencing some really bad delays in email delivery over the last couple days. Not sure what the problem might be on EX. I don't think our IT department has changed anything, but they might have.

    Is anyone else seeing this. Sometimes emails don't push through unless i do a manual reconnect. Very frustrating. Any ideas?

    In edition, strangely enough, i haven't received any Beta Update emails like i used to for about a month now. Marc, have these emails still been going out. Only way i know there's an update is if i check manually.

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    There have been many new beta's; you might just have to check if the newsletter system isn't working (mail being blocked, probably). I'd need to see a log to help figure out your problem - instructions are in the FAQ at Are you sure push was EVER working?

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    Yes. I've been using Exchange push ever since your first beta's came out. I've also been receiving newsletter updates since then as well. All of a sudden things started changing. It must be on our server side - i don't know why the would have changed anything though. I'll try entering a different email address for the newsletter and see if that helps.

    I'll keep monitoring to see how it goes, and if i still have issues, i'll send you a log.
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