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    I tend to bring this topic up every few months as I have yet to find a good password storage application for the Mac and Palm OS.

    Anyways, Password Wallet just came out for the Palm to compliment their Mac application. I have been playing with it and do like it, with one notable can't have multiple categories (I have emailed them about this and hopefully this is a top-priority feature).

    That said, there doesn't seem to be any other options, so I'm leaning towards this one. Has anyone purchased this one? Any comments? Anyone find any other recent Palm/Mac password applications?

    Otherwise, I've narrowed it down to two Palm-only applications: MultiAccounts and STRIP. Any comparison reviews regarding those two?

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    Well, I am assuming that no one uses this software, but thought I'd repost just in case. Otherwise, if there are any new Mac/Palm Password apps out there that someone can recommend, please do!
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
    -David Byrne
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    I am using Strip. Seems to do the job I need and the price was right! Sorry - don't know about any others.

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