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    I just got a copy of iSiloFree, it boasts it can save 20% memory space using it's document format.. plus it has a free doc converter for both windows & mac, (BSD & LINUX too!) which is a plus.
    the question?
    Has anybody tried it? does anybody like another doc reader converter over this one?

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    it's one of the best free doc readers. can't vouch for the 20% reduction, but it does me wonders.

    yeah, i wrote that ...
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    I use the registered version & its really great. It does actually save space over other forms, I converted Dune & it saved me like 200k-300k.

    They need to update it though! It doesn't support color or color images, not even 16 shades of gray as a matter of fact...
    Matt Nichols
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    I found a few books for iSilo, & alotta doc files that can be converted.. I also found a bunch of TomeRaider files that looked really interesting... any idea if I can translate them to iSilo format?
    the more I play with iSilo the more I like it..
    hey mikey, I think he likes it
    Go forth & wreak havoc..
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    I use iSilo every day (together with sitescooper http:/
    to read stuff I get from the web - like visorcentral :-)

    I own a registered versin, and I like it very much, both for stuff from the
    web and for the longer documents.

    Also, when I became concerned about the lack of support for gray levels,
    I wrote to iSilo, and they assured me the next version of iSilo _will_
    support gray levels.
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    Originally posted by namja
    it's one of the best free doc readers. can't vouch for the 20% reduction, but it does me wonders.
    isilo Rocks!

    Just dl'ed it. Took at 2 meg .txt file (Anna Karenina) and made it 937k! Also, it loads up on the Visor lickety-split. Wordsmith, loading a file 1/10 the size took something like 30-45 secs...

    this program clinches it, I need more ram. e-books, here I come!
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    I love iSilo. I registered it and like folks have already mentioned it's compacting of docs is really nice. It would be nicer if they updated it to support color.

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    I use iSilo for docs exclusively. I have installed:

    - aportis "doc" files
    iSiloWeb crunches them down very well
    MANY free and cheap texts and stories...
    - dos and linux "text" files
    iSilo had no problems with either
    - Adobe PDF files
    using Aportis PDF converter first
    could also use pdftotext under linux
    - postscript files
    using ps2ascii
    - html files
    iSiloWeb happily takes them
    - html files direct from URLs
    iSiloWeb can download the files by itself - I even have a
    windows "task" that installs a few every morning
    - MS word files
    using "palmdocs" first (shareware - currently evaluating)

    It would be difficult to get me a document that I could not install on my visor...

    Registered iSilo and love it to death...
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    I agree with many of the above positive comments about iSilo. I dropped all my old DOC(apportisDoc, etc.) readers in favor if iSilo. I have a registered version. It has 2 great features that I use all the time. One is the iSiloWeb desktop utility that allows you to fetch and convert webpages. The other is that the program and all Data it reads are flash compatible!!! I keep the app and large database files (medical ones that I have customized) on my 8mb flash module with no problems. This really save precious RAM.


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