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    Two Treo 650. One belongs to my wife(9mths) and mine (1yr 3mths). For a few weeks now my phone battery has began to die after a few minute of talk time. My wife phone battery is fine. So I decide to switch the battery to see if the problem is the battery and not any sofware issue. When switched the battery works fine in my phone and begins to die in my wife.
    Is this a safe test that the battery is no longer good?
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    I would just break down and buy another battery - you are creating a job for someone somewhere. Ben
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    Try the in-cradle/charger reset which may help to reset the battery to force it to retain a better charge.

    Simply plug in your Treo in the charger cable or cradle. While it's charging, poke the stylus in the back of the unit, at the reset hole (you may need to remove the battery cover to get access to the reset hole.

    Once the reset happens, don't touch the screen, turn off the Treo, touch the buttons, or anything and let it charge for 3 - 4 hours unattended.

    Check to see if the battery has improved.

    You may want to try a few cycles to make sure that the battery can't be reset before buying a new one.

    But then, if you feel like buying a new ones, there's tons of places that sell the Treo battery (most Treo and Palm sites offer them for sale.)
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