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    Hi, im trying to find a way i can put spreadsheets from Microsoft Works on to my Visor...
    Docs to go people say they only support Excel...
    any ideas...
    thanks Laura
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    You can open the Works spreadsheet in Excel and then save in Excel. Then you can easily import via Docs To Go.

    I realize that this is a PITA, but this is one way of solving your problem.

    yeah, i wrote that ...
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    Or possibly do a "save as" into Excel format?
    I've decided to become enigmatic.
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    ok, don't laugh! Im pretty good on a computer but I cant figure out how to get that there
    spreadsheet over to my visor!!
    can you give me a dummies version...
    ive put some software on....but just cant get the spreadsheet in there!
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    I use quicksheet on the Visor and when I feel inclined to copy a file to the Visor:

    - save works files as tab-delimited files
    - copy it to the palmdesktop memopad and hotsync
    - on the visor, select and copy the memo
    - go to quicksheet and choose paste special.

    You might also try saving as saving as XLS (excel) - this is supported in Works 2000. Then email it to the Equinox Solutions conversion site. See the article

    I haven't tried the latter, but it looks easier.

    Oh, last option is to ask CES (quicksheet people) to support CVS or TAB files (formats Works can support).


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