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    So, who's upgraded? how is it?
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    Will it do OTA online activities?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad View Post
    Will it do OTA online activities?
    It doesn't appear that it will (
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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenHex View Post
    So, who's upgraded? how is it?
    I just upgraded. I haven't really noticed much difference yet. The password entry is now masked. I'll let you know more as I discover it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY View Post
    It doesn't appear that it will (
    That's too bad. I wonder why they don't add that capability. I remember some other financial program (pocket quicken?) that did do OTA activities. Unfortunately, I am using MS Money on my PC and it is not worth switching to some other program just yet.

    I'll wait till they add this.
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    SplashMoney does what you are talking about but does not sync with MS Money. It has it's own desktop companion.
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    Ultrasoft Money 5 appears to have some enhancements to things that are not too self-evident: faster syncing, encrypted databases etc.

    There are also some minor (but much required) enhancements to the interface.

    The Budget and Reports modules (I don't use them) seem to have some additional functionality.

    - mvk
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    Ultrasoft money 5 is a bit leap from 4 and tons of advanced features with Money 2007!

    Money 2007 Support
    Ultrasoft Money 5 adds support for Microsoft Money 2007 (it supports Money 2002 to 2007).

    Ultrasoft Money 5 includes a new security add-on module based on Ultrasoft DataShield. Select it during setup to enable strong password protection and encryption.

    When you set a password in Ultrasoft Money on your handheld, it is virtually unbreakable. In addition, certain account data are encrypted.

    The Ultrasoft Money password prompt is enhanced to allow input masking.

    If you synchronize in Recovery Mode to upload your data to a new Microsoft Money database, and Ultrasoft Money is password-protected on your handheld, you will be prompted for the password for added security.

    On the desktop, you can choose to have Ultrasoft Money encrypt account data in the intermediate database it uses to track synchronization changes.

    And if you store your Ultrasoft Money and Microsoft Money passwords in the Money conduit settings, they are encrypted using Microsoft Windows cryptography.

    Synchronization Speed and Error Recovery
    Ultrasoft Money uses an intermediate database to keep track of your changes on the handheld and in Microsoft Money.

    Previous versions of Ultrasoft Money used the Microsoft Data Access Component (MDAC) to access the intermediate database. Ultrasoft Money 5 uses a new database engine, which provides a significant improvement in synchronization speed (more than twice as fast in some cases), as well as improved reliability.

    In cases where a synchronization error did occur, previous versions of Ultrasoft Money would require that you synchronize with the "Desktop overwrites handheld" and "Reset intermediate database" options enabled. This would restore transactions previously deleted on the handheld only, and reset handheld-only information, such as bill reminders, custom reports, custom transaction "Num" strings, and color and font selections.

    Ultrasoft Money 5 provides a new "Repair intermediate database" that allows synchronization to be reset while retaining the handheld-only information. It allows you to select a location for your intermediate database, so you can back-up and restore Ultrasoft Money more easily. The reliability of Recovery mode synchronization is also improved in Ultrasoft Money 5.

    Ultrasoft Money 5 adds support for the simplified Essential accounts, transactions, bills and budgets available in Microsoft Money 2005 and later.

    Note: Ultrasoft Money 5 does not support Microsoft Money Essentials Edition at this time.

    In Microsoft Money, you can configure simplified Essential accounts. These are online accounts, and transactions are automatically downloaded from the bank. You can input "Adjustments" which are later "cleared" when the corresponding transaction is downloaded.

    Microsoft Money offers Essential Bills for streamlined bill management options. With Essential Bills, you cannot schedule paychecks or other deposits. Nor can you specify a bill series end date, or edit individual bills within a series. If you configure Essential Bills in Microsoft Money, Ultrasoft Money enforces these restrictions.

    An Essential Budget lets you handle day-to-day budgeting tasks without investing extra time on details. It does not use Budget Groups, nor allow irregular or one-time expenses and reallocations.

    Advanced Budgeting
    Ultrasoft Money 5 adds support for budget transfers and the special Debt category, so that your handheld budget will match your Microsoft Money budget more accurately.

    The Budget Status view includes a new Group Summary option which shows a summary of your budget status by group.

    The Reallocation dialog has a new "$" button to automatically set the reallocation amount to the difference between budgeted and spent funds in the selected category and period. Tap the "$" button repeatedly to cycle between the amounts from the From and To categories and periods. A new "+/-" button lets you change the "direction" of the reallocation.

    Note: In Microsoft Money 2007, Advanced Budgets are deprecated. If you upgrade your database from a previous version, your Advanced Budget is migrated, but if you create a new database, you must take special steps to set up an Advanced Budget.

    Other Improvements
    A new Split button in the read-only transaction view lets you see split items without editing them.

    Cancel buttons have been added to several screens, incuding the Category and Payee choosers, and the Split dialog.

    One-handed navigation is improved for the latest Palm devices, such as Treo, Tungsten and LifeDrive. Tables such as the Register View can be selected and scrolled by pages, or highlighted and scrolled line-by-line.

    The pie graph displayed by the Reporter add-in now includes a legend showing the percentage of the total represented by the current page.

    If the Status column is disabled in the Register View, follow-up flags are displayed next to the payee name.

    When you tap on an account name in the Accounts View, a Back button is displayed in the Register View that will take you back to the Accounts View.

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