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    Recently I am facing a peculiar problem. Hotsync of my Treo 650 with my PC is getting stuck at Memos. The hotsync process never stops once it reaches Memos. The unending process has to be stopped by resetting the Treo and pressing Ctrl+Alt+D in my PC. Can any one help? The softwares I have in my Treo are: Adobe, Backup, Antivirus(trial), Columbia, Nexus, Converter, LEDoff, Mvoice, Soundrec, TextPlus, TCPMP all running through Powerrun.
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    Are you using the cable, or bluetooth to sync?
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    I'd suspect that the Memos database file has been corrupted.

    You may want to consider moving your Memos database files (memopad.dat, memopad.bak located at C:\Program Files\Palm\YourHotysncID\Memopad\) to somewhere else on your computer.

    Delete the Memos in your Treo.

    Then do the hotsync. If things continue, then something else is causing it but I suspect deleting the memopads should allow hotsync to finish.
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