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    Hi, I have a Treo650 1.04a Verizon in SoCalif.

    I used to be able to send Contacts (ie addressbook contact) by selecting a contact/menu/send contact/send with MMS. This would send the contact info to someone else with a Treo via MMS. They would click on the little square on the bottom of the msg and it would copy the contact as a new entry in their addressbook.

    Now when I do it, I get an error msg as follows:
    All media files were deleted from original message text/x-vcard xxxxxx.vcf was deleted due to: removed according to device definition.

    I can send pics and sound files fine via MMS. So not sure why it is stripping my contacts now. i'm thinking it is a Verizon system programming thing that is stripping it.

    Can someone else with Verizon service try it and let me know what you get. You can send the contact to yourself and see if you get the same error I did.

    Thanks alot.
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    Bump..can someone try this out for me?

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