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    I am able to sync to my exchange server, but it does not seem to get push. Someone else with a motorola q does get push
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    There is a FAQ on my site re: Exchange push with ChatterEmail.

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    Thank you for the prompt reply. I actually just found it. Entered listen 80 and it appears that I am now getting push email.

    Monday I will see if I can expense this software. Do you take PO's?

    I currently carry two phones, a blackberry and this treo. I want to ditch the black berry
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    should push work when I am not actually in the application?

    I seem to get email now when I am in chattermail, but if I am in the main launcher screen, I get no push
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    also should number of unread appear in the phone screen?
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    Push should work whether you're in the application or not. If it's not working, please send me a log (instructions in the FAQ on my site).

    And no, what appears on the phone screen is NEW unread mail (since the last time you were in Chatter).

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    Push is working. I thought it was not at first but it is. However, I do not see the new message count in the phone app. Is that a setting? I do not see new message count from versamail either. I was and then it stopped.
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    It should just be there if you've got a 650 or 700p and the message is both new AND unread.

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    I have a 700p. Do not see new message count in phone app, for chattermail or now for versamail either
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    I can't explain that, especially if you don't see this for VersaMail either! But there aren't any reports of this problem from other users...

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    Here is another thread where someone is blaming chattermail for the same problem:
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    What version of ChatterEmail are you using?


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