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    I'm trying to copy my addresses from my address book to another profile in Palm Desktop. How do I accomplish this?
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    export from the profile with the good data (it's on the file menu,iirc), then change profiles and import from the file you just created.
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    Yep, that worked. But let me ask you this. Everytime I do a hotsync, whether successful or unsuccessful I get a prompt that the HotSync was interrupted and some data was not backed up. Why does it keep doing this?
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    Check your Hotsync log to see which conduit has the error.
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    I don't really understand how to read the log so I'll just post it here and maybe somebody can explain it:

    HotSync 3.2.1 started 11/4/06 1:00:01 PM
    Local Synchronization
    OK Install
    iSync Conduit starting 11/4/06 1:00:02 PM
    Couldn't open users file /Library/Application Support/SyncService/501/PalmConfiguration.txt, skipping iSync 11/4/06 1:00:02 PM
    OK iSync Conduit
    To Do List did nothing
    OK Tasks
    OK Media
    OK Memos
    Memo Pad did nothing
    <DocsToGoConduit><DocsToGoConduit><><> synchronization failed
    “Documents To Go” failed (error = #-2821)
    Date Book did nothing
    OK Contacts
    OK Calendar
    Address Book did nothing
    OK Install
    Backed up AddressCitiesDB.pdb
    Backed up AddressCompaniesDB.pdb
    Backed up AddressCountriesDB.pdb
    Backed up Saved Preferences.prc
    Backed up AddressStatesDB.pdb
    Backed up AddressTitlesDB.pdb
    OK Backup
    Last sync time and PC ID updated on handheld
    HotSync Complete 11/4/06 1:00:07 PM

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