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    Can anyone please help me figure out how to use my 650 as a fax machine. I've downloaded CS Fax and a couple of other fax programs to no avail. I've subscribed to CSD with Cingular and still cannot get it to work. Anyone had any success sending and receiving faxes with our Treo 650.

    Jim B
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    I don't know what CSD is, but my 650 works as a fax.

    Here's what you need:
    A tif viewer
    An email client (for this to work just like a fax machine you need Chatter)
    An email-to-fax/fax-to-email service
    A data connection

    You give your fax number as that given to you by your email-to-fax/fax-to-email service provider. All faxes are received as email attachment's that you can view with the tiff viewer. To send a fax send an email to a special email address that will then fax out to the recipient.
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    I use CS Fax on my 650 and it works perfectly. Pretty awsome to have a fax machine in your pocket. Works great.

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