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    So - time to soon upgrade to (maybe Cingular/650 or 680), but then, what would you do with a working Sprint T600?

    (Moving to Cingular b/c no SPrint reception at my new house and Cingular signal is strong)
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    I kept mine as a backup, but I stayed with Sprint. That won't work if you're switching carriers.

    You could ebay it. Won't get much, but you'll get more than zero.

    Not sure if Sprint is still doing it, but a couple of years ago you could drop a phone off at a Sprint store for charity and get a receipt showing a value of $100. useful if you itemize.

    Or, a lot of local police depts will accept donations of phones for distribution to abused women in shelters.
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    What to do with a Sprint 300,600 and 650 is my problem.
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    I hang on to my phones too. Pack rat syndrome I guess.
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    Try using it to level out the short leg on your kitchen table. That's about all it's good for...
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    7 months ago I moved had to switched from Sprint to Cingular and sprint bought my old phone back. Having a GSM phone is so much better because you have to call the carriewr and go through all jargon to activate the phone. with GSM all you do is pop in the SIM card and use the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RICHINMJ View Post
    What to do with a Sprint 300,600 and 650 is my problem.
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    yeah, i keep my old ones too.

    i have my visor phone, 270, 600, and a spare 650.

    the 270 came in handy when i had to do jury duty, but still had to check email and keep in touch via IM.

    the 600 is my "other" phone that my t-mo togo account is on. this is the number i give out as my "home" phone.

    the spare 650 is a spare. unluckily, both just had an issue come up and had to replace both. ouch.

    the 680 could of saved me money if palm would of launched it last week.
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    I would also take the Ebay route. I had seven phones that I threw on Ebay a while back and most of them were older AT&T phones at the time. Believe it or not, it brought in an impressive amount.
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    one of those Sprint 650s to me

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