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    Every time I try to access the Call Log the phone does a soft reset under VZW 1.04.

    I installed 1.05 today hoping that would install a new call log or something... didn't help.

    Tried installing Call Log +... didn't help.

    My call log looks like it's around 1.2MB under my back up file on the computer.


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    Got it using Filez, thanks to the forum.

    Warning to all power users... DON'T LET YOUR CALL LOG GET TOO BIG.

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    how big is too big? i've got 13, 000+ calls in my log on a 650.
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    Never mind (tho I'd still like to know): mine's only 1 MB.
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    i have same problem being trying for hours to fix it any help would be super
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    Quote Originally Posted by sblanter View Post
    Never mind (tho I'd still like to know): mine's only 1 MB.
    As I'd prev. stated: 1.2 MB (more actually)... you're probably getting really close to crashing depending on your carrier... at any rate your phone has, no doubt, slowed way down in changing screens and so forth.

    I noticed a significant 'snap' to screen changing and overall unit speed when I deleted both the unit's and computer's back up log files.

    From here on out I keep no more than 1 month's history in the call log.

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    I just want to fix it i dont care if i loose the log.
    can you please tell me how to repair so i can get my log working again .
    thanks in advance
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    THANKS i fixed it.. just downloaded filez and alway went my old logs back up are running thanks

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