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    I've pretty much set up the device like anonymosource and bclinger suggest.

    Transend 2GB 150x card. Read instructions put card in, got what?

    I've read about formatting, FAT 32 (and other numbers), but dont know if that comes now, or after apps are loaded.

    Apps already on: volume care, butler, keycaps, direct assistance (which somehow made 2 icons on my home screen...did I duplicate it?), google maps.

    Boxwave screen guard and Seido case coming.

    Apps planned ASAP: ZLauncher, Neat freak plus (uninstaller, cleaner, On Guard), Resco backup, call record 1.04...and whatever else you tell me to. Perhaps Datebook6.

    I'm OK with Versamail for now...same with Blazer (although a faster browser means more to me then better email app like Chattermail, I dont email that much)

    No games planned.

    I figured a lot of these apps used the memory card, so I didnt install them till I was sure about the card being right.

    Can I just start installing the later apps and rearrange them later, or is it too stupid to ask someone to tell me how to not screw it up by doing it in some mysterious (to me) order?

    Thanks again!
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    OK, I tried reading since my last post and installed all the above programs with registration keys. Some seem pretty straight forward, others pretty daunting.

    First off I need to know which go on the card and how to work backups...meanwhile I'll keep reading.

    There really ought to be a dummies guide. I'm a doctor in the ER and I know lots of medical minutia with big names...some matter and some don't. I don't expect my patients to understand, that my job, but if they want to learn...I try to teach.

    Thats sort of how I feel now. I feel I should be smart enough to get all this, but its not intuitive for someone unused to different big complex words...makes me feel humble, but I'm determined to at least learn the treo well enough to utilizde all the things you guys have talked my into so far.

    ...of course by then, a newer better model or OS will be out...sigh.
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    Before the 700p came out and most of us here in TC used 650's, making best use of its limited RAM was important. The use of apps that moved and ran other apps from an SD card, such as ZLauncher, ZLink, PowerRun, etc, was important. With the 700p and its increased RAM, the need to run apps off an SD card is no longer such an issue. I have most of the apps you mentioned in post #1 and a few others not in your list, all of which reside in RAM and still have about 42MB free. What I do have saved to my Sandisk Ultra II, 2MB SD card consists Doc's To Go documents (a few Excel files and a few PDF's) as well as ton of pictures and videos taken with my 700p.

    Everything runs best from RAM. If you have the RAM to spare, dont worry about moving and running apps off the SD card.
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