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    Do the latest version of Chatter (released) and the latest version of Butler (3.93) work well together or are they going to fight like cats and dogs?? I have a Sprint 700p. I want to use both but I cannot sacrifice my treo's stability and performance.

    What feature(s) are incompatible if any?

    Thanks in advance...
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    I have absolutely zero compatibility problems with those two programs. I used to have problems with Butler alarms (not because of Chatter) but those issues were resolved months ago. I use a multitude of functions on both apps. I suggest trying them out before you purchase and posting any questions here.

    BTW, I'm on a 700p.
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    I've read that if you had multiple programs handling LED function, it bombs. So if you have Butler doing it, select the option in Chatter to let Butler do its thing.

    I personally turn off the LED in the phone app itself, and let Chatter blink the LED when I get a new email. Works fine, and I have Butler and Initiate installed...
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    I have both ChatterEmail and Butler on my 650 and 700p with no conflicts at all. As a note, I do not have Butler messing with the LED functions.

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    I have Chatter set to shutdown between 11:30p and 5:30a. I then have Butler disable the LED between 11:35p and 5:15a. No conflicts at all with that arrangement.
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    Butler and Chatter on my VZW 700P work great. No problems.
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    OK that's good information. Thanks

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