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    All of the sudden, my treo stopped connecting to the web and I cant check versamail (which makes sense since I cant connect to the web). When i open Blazer I get the following error message:

    Service Connection Progress
    Error (0x7301)

    I have sprint. Can anyone help?
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    Go into your connection settings... Prefs>Connection (I think, I dont have my treo in front of me) and make sure that you are on Vision, not Vision copy... I get that once in a while as well, for some reason my Treo copies my Vision, and uses that as default...

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    Dude, thanks! You are the man! That is exactly what the problem was. It was actually in the networking preferences not the connection. How it got switched from Vision to Vision copy, I have no idea, it was working fine two days ago, but yesterday it started with the error messages. Sometimes my treo makes me so frustrated! But thanks for your help, everything is working now!

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    Good to hear, not sure why it does it though...Anyone know? But mine does the same thing once in a while. It will make a vision copy and switch your network prefs over to it.

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    I had a similiar problem this morning. Not sure what happened but I now have a data connection, can get on web w/Blazer & check new Gmail program - but I'm having a Versamail time out problem. I can send a message from Versamail to my PC sucessfully but when I try to GET mail I keep timing out - any help?

    I checked under Pref's-Connections- but don't see anything that says "Vision" or "Vision Copy"? I'm on Verizon. Under Network connections I have Nat'l Access that is locked?
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    how did you get new gmail account working? I went to I downloaded it and it went to my card but when I downloaded it said not supported.

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