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    I am a SprintPCS subscriber and
    currently I have a Sony-Ericsson T608
    with BT Dun support for my
    Ipaq Hx2410 Pocket PC.

    My speeds over the cellphone
    BT connection are about
    33.6 kbps.

    I read somewhere someone
    reporting speeds in excess of
    100 kbps when connecting
    BT Dun on the Treo 650.

    Since this is 3 times faster
    then I what I currently have,
    I am thinking of switching to
    the Treo650.

    Can anyone else confirm
    the speeds they are connecting
    to using BT Dun and has
    anyone successfully connected
    to a Pocket PC from the Treo650?
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    I get around 124kbs down and 80-100kb up over bluetooth DUN (as measured at .


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