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    I have seen advertisements for a Bluetooth Virtual Laser Keyboard. Some say it can work with 700p(on google). The one I saw advertised was made by iTech.

    Has any here had any experience with this. It really looks cool. And pricey, but still cool.
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    It's really a gimmicky toy. If you really need a useful keyboard, go for the Palm Universal keyboard.
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    I have seen them online but never in person. I would not waste your money on it.
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    Its credit to them for a start.. but It's not there yet.

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    there is still alot of "errors" u get a lot of miss typed letters. My friend has one I tried to type a sms with it and it miss reads what letters i want. Can't say much more than that cause only got to use it for a second. but their effort is good. I support their effort.
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    HAHA, thanks! I travel so much and work crazy hours sometimes and I would not be able to do it without Starbucks. I am sitting at Portland Int'l right now in the Starbucks sucking down coffee waiting for my flight to get in. I am heading back to the Sacramento area.
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