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    I'm new to Chatter, coming from VersaMail. There are three things Iím having some trouble with when using Chatter as opposed to VersaMail (things that VersaMail does that I canít seem to do in Chastter0. Iím hoping you have some suggestions here. I am using the newest Beta version on a treo 700P.

    1. On a POP3 account, VersaMail picks up whatever is in my Inbox even if it is read or even replied to already. Chatter doesnít seem to do this. Is there a setting in Chatter where I can have it pick up messages in my inbox even if they have been read? Example, Iím using my desktop and get may mail through Outlook (POP3). I reply to the e-mail and shut the PC down. The only message left in my Inbox is the one I just replied to. If I later go to VersaMail, it gets the one message there (and any new ones). Chatter doesnít pick up the e-mail in question. Can I set it to get the e-mail?

    2. I have received some blog entries as e-mails through a service called R Mail. When I get them with VersaMail, all is good. When I get them with Chatter, the apostrophes are dashes (e.g. Ď is -) (e.g. donít is don-t). Also, the lines are all broken. Itís like
    there are too
    carriage returns (like this).
    Again, not an issue in
    VersaMail, only in Chatter (with the same e-mail). Is there a solution?

    3. Last is battery. Iím only using Chatter as POP3 with no automatic setting for retrieval or push. However, it seems like the battery life is still taking a hit now that Chatter is installed. Do you have any suggestions or settings I should check to make sure I minimize battery drain? If I donít have Chatter pick up mail automatically, there should be no change in battery life yet somehow Iím taking a hit.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Hi, Rob...

    #1. This wouldn't have anything to do with Chatter; it must be a setting either on your PC or on the server that's causing the messages to no longer be available for use with POP3. BTW, POP3 is a terrible choice for mobile mail...

    #2. I'd have to see a message like this; I'm really not sure what you're seeing. The only way for me to check this would be for you to REDIRECT (bounce, re-send) a message like this to me at Redirect can be done from Thunderbird (PC/Mac) or Entourage (Mac).

    #3. There will be a hit of some sort, regardless. Check out the Performance prefs, though, and make sure "Latency ... More" is set.


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