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    I just got a Verizon Treo700P about 2 weeks ago and in the past 2 days have experienced freezes with it. It has frozen on my Agenda screen and the keypad would not work. It has also frozen in “sleep” mode and the keypad will not turn the screen on. I have had it freeze twice when I tapped the keypad to bring it out of “sleep” mode and then my home screen (Agenda view) would display but fade out slowly showing black pixilated, vertical bars (the keypad would be frozen too). In the past 48 hours, I have had about 6 soft resets that fix the problem immediately, but it keeps freezing and will not receive calls while frozen in “sleep”mode.

    Third party apps I have are:
    -Google maps
    -Bejeweled (from Palm’s installation disk)
    -Solitaire (from Palm’s installation disk)

    I don’t use versamail or any email app, but I have used web access to download about6 MIDI ringtones. I haven’t done a hard reset yet and I have seen where some phones freeze after it tries to access the network for either “date & time” updates or EvDo access.

    Does anybody have any ideas about what causes this?

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    It sounds like you have a hardware issue. I would try a hard reset and see if the issue clears up, but I doubt it.

    You best bet is to return it under warranty service.

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