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    Has anyone had "freezing-up" problems with Zap or Astroids on the Prism?? I think it may be due to Afterburner, weird thing is, when I uninstall Afterburner completely, seems to not freeze. So, you would think I could just set the speed to normal on those apps and have no problems... no such luck. Perhaps its not Afterburner at all, maybe its one of my other hacks or apps. Or maybe you need lots of free mem. for those graphic intensive apps to run properly... what do ya think? Anyone experienced this? Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Same here.

    I had been in contact with Astraware about this, and it came down to "nobody else has reported this problem, must be your Prism/app setup". That was 3 months ago.

    I even went so far as to hard reset, and install only ZAP!2016. I hung still. I had to replace my Prism for another reason, got the new Prism, installed just ZAP!2016, got to the 3rd or 4th level, and hung.

    So, you are not alone. Great eye-candy for the ~5 minutes-or-so before it hangs, but I don't use it anymore because it gets really frustrating... I'm thinking of uninstaling it to gain the 1mb space requirement back. Funny thing is that I got a GameFace with a reg copy of the software as a gift, but I had already bought the reg version of the software, so I'm in it for 2 reg versions, and can't use it.
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    Zap 2016 needs a lot of free RAM, by my estimates somewhere between 600-800K of free ram to avoid crashing .
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    Originally posted by kamizuno
    Zap 2016 needs a lot of free RAM, by my estimates somewhere between 600-800K of free ram to avoid crashing .
    Yup, I realize that. I had 6mb free when this was happenning. There's a bug there somewhere. It's not the space requirments that is making this game hang/crash. After posting to this thread earlier, I gave up on ZAP, and deleted the game to gain some space for other programs that don't crash. Shame, since the game is so cool looking.

    I use my gameface for Galax and Pacman now, which are the new kings of the games on my Prism... Both are arcade realistic.
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    Well, I did extensive testing yesterday, it was tough... two hours of game playing! But I came up with my personal problem... it seems it was the hack "Swipe". Through the process of elimination, I ran through all of my hacks and other culprits and came up with Swipe. Once it was gone... no more Mr. freezie! While it looks like a cut-and-dry case, I have a deep thought... just as the brain is a complex dynamic system, it could be that it is the interaction of certain programs or hacks with other programs or hacks. So, despite the fact that it happened to be Swipe in my case, it could be Swipe's interaction with any number of programs. Just a philisophical point to ponder. Hopefully, the individual above with my similar problems has Swipe installed and if removed will solve problems like me. Hope it helps...


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