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    For TivoToGo, I had been using TV Harmony's Autopilot...mainly because I wasn't interested in Kinoma. But now that I've purchased Kinoma for the streaming Windows Media, I'm thinking about buying the TivoToGo Plus and using Kinoma.

    Anyone have any experience converting and watching this way?

    And what about Kinoma Producer for ripping/encoding DVDs, or converting movie files in general?
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    I've used Kinoma Player with Tivo files converted with TivoToGo Plus and it works just fine.
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    i view files converted with tivo to go plus on my treo 700p all the time.once converted i just put them in the dcim folder on my sd card.i can then play them in kinoma,tcpmp or via the built in pics and video app on my treo. they play great in all 3 places.just make sure you set the tivotogo plus software to automatically convert all transfered shows to treo 650 like a charm for me
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    Thanks guys.

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