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    I just bought jack back to use with my 8mb flash module. It is just what I have been looking for. I backed up 4mb of my 5mb of used ram (I skipped avantgo docs) in 2mb of space on my flash module. I can back up automatically at virtually any interval or backup with a tap instantly. after the initial backup, the process is very fast because it skips files which have not changed. Very cool, and I dont even need a slow, all or nothing backup module now!!! BTW, handango is selling it for $15 which is $5 cheaper than any place else I found. Happy happy joy joy, no more worries about lost data or going home to restore data and reinstall all of my apps.
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    Thanks for your post. I had been considering buying JackBack and you pushed me over the edge. Just got it (on Handango) and installed it. Pretty slick little program!

    A question - after completing the install, do you know if the program "JBInstall" which is using 202K can be deleted from the Visor? I was thinking this just did the install, but maybe it is the backup program itself. I'm a little confused.


    UPDATE - Now that I bothered to look at the documentation, I found that YES you can delete the Install program from the Visor.
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    Will JackBack work with Compact Flash Cards?
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    Originally posted by yardie
    Will JackBack work with Compact Flash Cards?
    If it hasn't been released yet then its still in beta, but there is/will be a version that works with CF cards.

    I've heard it super slow though.
    Matt Nichols
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    How about the flash included with the ThinModem+? Can JackBack be used with it? Is the ThinModem+ storage analogous to the 8 mb flash, or to the compact flash, or to nothing?
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