On my VZW Treo 650 with the 1.05a ROM (and also with previous ROMs), if I select "Show Calendar Event" in the Phone application preferences so that my next appointment gets a line on the home screen...

...it blinks.

There's no other way to describe it: the little box with the event reminder is blinking, very quickly. It looks like it's being refreshed once every half-second or so, and the LCD isn't quite keeping up.

If I turn the event box off and then back on, it'll be stable for about the first 10 seconds that the phone app is up, but then it goes back to the blinking.

After installing the 1.05a ROM update, the flashing not only didn't go away, but now it redraws OVER the menus when I pull them down.

Is this just a normal thing for the treo? If not, is there any way to fix it?