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    I have a 700P. I used the upgrade link from my built in player to upgrade. I installed kinoma both over the air and hotsynced it across. No matter how i do it, Kinoma continues resetting. I have erased it. resinstalled it, hard reset it, i have 10megs of free space on the device right now. I cant touch any of the butons in the player, or follow the weblink on the page. However if I go somewhere in Blazer that has video the player opens up and i am able to interact with the player without any problems. Help me please...


    EDIT: Ok i have figured out... thanks to another thread... it only resets when my SD card is in my 700p. What do I have to do to the card to make Kinoma work with my card in?

    EDIT 2: Well after going through my card. Nothing is corrupt. The program is freaking out on the number of pics. If i stay at 1021 files i am fine. if I add just one more to it... Kinoma is very unhappy. I even tried taking a new picture and adding it... same result.
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    so how is it? i was considering buying the kinoma player. i bought the coreplayer but the activation code doesnt work and none of the tech support guys can get me a working reg code.

    does it play wmv and wma?? can you stream radio stations with it??
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    Have you corresponded with Kinoma on your issues? There email support is very responsive. support @ is the email address.

    The only problem I have had is YouTube; I have it set not to turn the screen off and the screen goes off. Other types of media though it stays on just fine.

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    I love the player so far...
    And yes I have talked with there support and they have been awesome... They are looking into the problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jojobah View Post
    I have a 700P. I used the upgrade link from my built in player to upgrade.
    How do you get to the upgrade link for the built in player?
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    ... look up a streaming site that will use kinoma and a flash screen should pop up before the player connects to the source. On that splash screen is a link to upgrade... Click on that.
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    Thanks, I had to reset the phone to get the splash screen to come up again.

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