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    At the moment I only have ChessGenius on my Platinum and I am interested in other games out there. Due to space constraints I would like to know everyones top 3 games so that I can avoid too much trial and error.
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    I don't play games much but three I like are Vexed, Space Trader, and SFCave.
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    That's kind of like asking what are people's top-three productivity applications. The category is to broad to really say.

    That said, if you do a quick search for GAME topics, you will find plenty of past threads on this very topic.
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    Maybe you could specify which types of games you are looking for, here are mine anyway:

    Zap 2000! (arcade style spaceship shooting game)

    DragonBane (great little RPG, kind of like the original Might and Magic. I hear the sequel is coming out soon too)

    Space Trader (travel from planet to planet trading things and upgrading your ship. Very addictive)
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    Race Fever!

    It has tons of race courses and more when you register!
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    in no particular order

    Drug Wars
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