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    Hey Everyone,

    I've been noticing that when my 700p's screen is in sunlight the screen kinda looks colorful(shades of green and red) Is this the sun's reflection, or is something wrong with my screen(because I have dropped it a few times)?

    Thanks for the responses in advance
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    I left my treo on thre dashboard of a car once while charging and the heat was blowing, it got so hot it stoped charging and the backlight of the screen did not work at all, scared the crap out of me, but when it cooled off it went back to normal
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    This is normal. Treo 700p uses 2 types of screen. One is has an amber or redish tint which is what you have and it produces a scattered rainbow effect under direct sunlight. The other (blueish white) screen does not exhibit it as much. It's actually not noticeable.
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    Do you see horizontal lines that resemble (somewhat) Venetian blinds when you view under sunlight?

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    I see lots of little dots under sunlight. Not venetian blinds,or red tint though
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