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    I'm going batty - I've searched, but no-one seems to have complained about this aside from former TreoGuard users (I fit in this category).

    I'm having calendar alarms and voicemail alerts pop up during a call. I was able to suppress alerts while in a call using TG, but I can't find another program (ideally free or more importantly very minimalistic and compatible with my loaded programs) which offers the same functionality.

    Being that no-one seems to complain about this, am I missing a stock setting to prevent this, or is it possible one my loaded programs is causing the issue?

    I don't have many loaded programs but here's a few of the key ones which have alarms/timing influences:


    Edit: Sprint 700p
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    butler or phone technician have the option to suppress alarms during call

    cant remember which one
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    As does VolumeCare.
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    Thanks. I'm trying P-T now. Seems like a nice app - kinda sad you have to pay $14 just to not have a "smart" phone blast in to your ear while you're on a call... (otherwise mostly happy)

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