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    OK..I am sure that I have srewed somethig so simple up that it is probably I come to you all for help.

    I have Butler for my T650 (CING) and it works great save one item. The attention grabber.

    I have a nice mp3 I want to play for grabbing my attention. I have installed it., selected that I want "Attention Manager" and SMS to alert. I have pocket tunes selected as the MP3 player, I have tested the alert in the define alert screen (no problems). and have it set to play 1 time every 10 sec repeating up to 5 times.

    All this and it does not seem to ever work. When I get an sms, the POS system hits me with an alert noise as specified in POS Preferences for Sound and Alerts....but never a repeat and I never hear my beloved MP3. Anybody got something for me?

    A little help please. I hade this on my T600 and it worked nothing.

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    The Attention Grabber sound won't kick in until you haven't acknowledged the SMS for 10 seconds after it's arrived. You will hear the tone assigned in Preferences/Sounds&Alerts for "Messages" first, and you'll have to wait an additional 10 seconds before the mp3 sounds.

    Have you tried using Butler's built-in mp3 engine?
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    I should check on Butler updates but back to the point...the MP3 never plays .....ever.
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    are either of the apps on the SD card. Some things don't work well that way. If so, try putting them both in RAM and running an alarm.
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    I am an *****....confirming what I thought in the first place...but looking to solve the problem got me to update my versions of Butler to tha latest and I like the built in MP3 player...even though I have Ptunes anyway.

    As for me the *****, I think I had the times wrong in the preferences section so that it would not bug me late night, but used the same time frame to describe when to use the alerts. Hving to reset all my preferences with the newer version I think I fixed it. Thanks for all the help.


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