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    On the 650 on verizon I had to install versamail from the CD.

    Just opened my new 700p. Before even looking I installed versamail from the CD. Did I need to do this with the 700p on Verizon or was it already installed?

    On the 650 versamail shows up as versamail on launcher screen

    On the 700p it shows up as email in the launcher
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    I think you had to yes, as my new 700p only had the Mail program within Wireless Sync, and I don't have Versamail in the phone anywhere. I just noticed it on the CD.
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    Yes, I confirm that you have to manually install Versamail from Verizon's CD. And you have to install in on both the Treo 700p and the PC. Just follow the Setup wizard and you'll be OK.

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