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    Ok, I have a 700p on Verizon (if that matters), and since the beginning I always thought it ran considerably slower than my friend's 650 and couldn't understand why. I just left it alone, and ended up purchasing another for somebody in the family, and here's what I can say.

    I wondered why all the store models, at Verizon and the Palm One store were faster, and just generally zippy.

    So the other day, I successfully performed a hard reset on my 700p, and everything was quite fast, relative to the store models. I then noticed that out of the box, the newly purchased Treo was fast, but then realized it went back to "normal," meaning slightly slower, and noticed why.

    Answer, the 700p slows down immediately after configuring Wireless Sync on a new phone or a newly hard-resetted (all data erased) unit. Why could this be so?

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    No clue mine seemed that way after I did a hard reset but I think its just our perception. I recently went to a sprint store and was messing with the display treo 700p and was like wow this is faster than mine. So i pulled mine out side by side and it was no different. You would be surprised how easily our minds play tricks on us.
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    Hmmmm, well yes I notice strange things like that too.

    However, here I am with a newly post hard-reset status 700p and a regular activated Wireless-Sync configured one, and the non-sync'd one is clearly faster and has virtually no lag.

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    Ahh yes, my avatar is quite simply a famous artist's rendering of my slovenly state.
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    Well, I would venture to guess if (and I am not sure if this is your situation entirely) that if you have slowdown AFTER you sync, something you are reinstalling during that sync is the culprit...if not multiple applications.

    On another note, when I checked my CPU speed in TCPMP, it reports mine as being 357Mhz....a good 45mhz ABOVE spec. This is on a Sprint Treo 700p. Odd to say the least...but my device is pretty darn zippy!

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