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    On the treo 650 there was one application for mms and another for sms.

    On the treo 700p I only see one application.

    How do I specify whether I want an sms or an mms?

    Some phones only support sms?
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    SMS is just a simple text message while a MMS is a multimedia message (picture or video). Both are sent out via the messaging app on both the 700p and 650. I don't know why you would have had two seperate applications.
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    Hi. On the 700p, while in the Messaging program you have the option of selecting to send a new SMS, or MMS message in the menus. However, if you were to initiate a new SMS, and subsequently were to add a picture for instance, then the message in question would automatically become an MMS. It really doesn't matter.
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    Okay I see in the preferences menu is where you can pick mms versus sms.

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