I've been using Versamail on my 650, and succesfully syncing with the Exchange Server at my office. In some ways, it's the ideal solution because it syncs my emails and my calendar wirelessly, but requires a wired sync for the address book, which is over 5000 names! I'm concerned that if I want to upgrade to any new Treo, I'll be using Versamail 3.5.1 which also syncs the address book wirelessly. From what I understand, there's no way to turn that off. So if any of you are using 3.5.1 already, can you answer a few questions that I cannot find answers to?

1. Can 3.5.1 sync with an Exchange Public Folder rather than the default address book? I'm doing that now with Chapura PocketMirror.

2. Does 3.5.1 sync all the address book fields? This was one of the reasons I switched to PocketMirror to begin with. I need both home and office addresses, more than 1 email field, multiple phone numbers, etc.

3. With a 5000+ name address book, I'm concerned about how long it will take to sync, especially if (as happens sometime with email and calendar) it loses its place, and says it must sync everything again.

Can anyone answer these questions?